RSG Media is transforming the media industry with experience, leadership and our wonderful client partners.


What is Metadata? RSG talks to Ed Klaris.


Are you a Licensor? Let's Talk...

Are you a Licensee? Let’s Talk.

NQUERY - Search Engine

The agile media executives “Google like” search engine with powerful visualization tools.

RightsLogic - Hidden Treasure

The Billion Dollars in Your Basement

Solving the Complex Content Explosion

RSG Media's partnership with EIDR is changing the media landscape, analyzing and measuring the explosion of media across platforms.

RSG Media & Daniel Hernandez, IBM - Big Data NYC

Allow data to provide a competative advantage through technology.

RightsLogic: Moving the Needle

RSG Media is measuring, managing, and moving the needle with RightsLogic.

RSG Media Presents at IBC 2016

Shiv Sehgal of RSG Media and Don Dulchinos of EIDR, present "Rights Management: Leveraging Industry Standard Metadata"

Advanced Advertising

Missing A Moving Target: What the TV business is Measuring and What it Should be Measuring

Utilizing On Demand: Advertising Plans

RSG Media Sits on Panel at NAB 2016

How Data Science Can Revolutionize Linear Inventory

AMC Presentation at NAB 2016

Promo Optimization

Free Up Extra Promo Spots

Big Data with RSG Media

Big Data's Influence on the Media Industry

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