RightsLogic for IP Licensing

Maximize your brand’s value across all licensing channels. RightsLogic’s reporting and profitability analysis tools help grow revenue, highlight new licensing opportunities, and remove administrative headaches.

RL IP Licensing

Licensing is a goldmine of opportunity with complex deals that let you exploit every permutation throughout every market.  RightsLogic manages all the contractual and administrative details, freeing up your time to focus on developing programs and products that customers love.

We help you dramatically increase the ROI by helping you realize the full value of characters and assets. RightsLogic enables you to successfully manage rights, restrictions, complex guarantees and royalty schedules.  Its Extranet lets you manage financial processes with your licensing partners.

Deal to contract: RightsLogic’s contract tracking lets you capture deal points and generate standard contract templates so that you can swiftly close the deal.

Partner Management: Our extranet and workflow tools let you ensure that partners comply with their financial obligations.  We alert partners when payment is needed and validate royalty uploads in seconds flagging areas that require attention.

Analysis and reporting: We help you analyze:

  • Sales Leaders/Laggards (by category, asset, product, territory and channel)

  • Revenue swings (budget vs. actual)

  • Non-compliance so that you can take swift action.

  • Market insights (demographic, geographic, and behavioral, amongst others.)

  • Deal Profitability (based on revenue participants and cost to serve)

  • Urgent action Items

Financials: RightsLogic acts as a sub-ledger to all major GL systems, handling the complex financial details and structures to support multi-national companies:

  • Manage complex contract cross-collateralization, guarantees, advances and thresholds.

  • Track forecasts and quickly marry to actuals as they arrive.

  • Validate royalties quickly and accurately to lead to better reporting.

  • Manage invoicing and aging and to feel secure that your partners are always paying on time.

  • RightsLogic manages the financial details for Licensings’ largest companies. Let us show you how we can help you.

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